Thank you for your interest in the Oxford Brookes University SOOLE survey project.

SOOLE aims to advance our psychological understanding of opinions about wind turbines, and in doing so also aims to support democracy by informing decision makers and communities about wind turbine opinion.

To that end, we have recently released our Preliminary Report 2.1, which we used to inform two recent responses to government consultations on potential reforms to planning regulations around wind turbines. This work has now received some attention in the press.

If you want to learn more, including about how to help with future surveys so that your community can get even better informed about opinion within it, you can register to receive updates from us. This project depends in part on volunteers – we are particularly keen to hear from people who could help deliver more survey invitation leaflets.

We do not currently have a questionnaire open for participation. If you think we should survey in your area, get in touch on